Let’s align your business development activities and marketing tools and initiatives to showcase the practices and attorneys most likely to generate revenue.

Following these steps will better position you to be invited to participate in an RFP and better enable you to respond efficiently and effectively.

The work done in the course of these steps will better position you to be hired WITHOUT an RFP as well!

Step One

Identify the practice or practices at your firm that are most likely to be subject to hiring through an RFP or represent that shortest path to increased revenue. These will be practice areas in which you have demonstrable experience and documented success.

Step Two

Identify your target market and/or industry. Be specific in naming companies and types of companies. Organize your approach to develop relationships with decision-makers and decision-influencers.

Step Three

Ensure that your marketing avenues (website, blog, proposal template, collateral material, advertising, social media, newsletters, mailings, etc.) currently reflect the depth and breadth of your core practices and enable firm members and allies to amplify firm messages. Create a plan to regularly keep these up to date.

Step Four

Engage your current network. Be generous in offering help and referrals and be intentional about asking for the same. Equip your contacts and referral sources to advocate for your specific skills and amplify your messaging. Do the same for them.

Step Five

Demonstrate your core expertise with in-house and industry-facing CLEs and webinars, videos, white papers, reports, etc. Become active in industry groups, associations, and referral networks. Participate actively in conferences and symposiums.

How Can I Help?

Many firms execute well on some of these steps, but very few handle them all. And there’s a good reason for this: attorneys and marketing/business development professionals at large and small law firms alike wear a lot of hats. A LOT OF HATS! Frequently, the best intentions take a back seat to short-term urgencies. The good news is that there is help at With an eye toward the bottom line and the top line, enables attorneys and MBD professionals to focus on revenue generating areas of practice and provides a framework for ongoing support of existing revenue streams and the development of new ones.

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