Is Your Law Firm RFP-Ready (Part 3)

With your attorneys focusing their business development actions on the right relationships, and barriers to your firm’s entry into RFP processes identified and removed, will your firm be RFP-Ready when the request for proposal comes? The steps you take to ensure that your law firm is RFP-ready equips firm leadership and MBD professionals with theContinue reading “Is Your Law Firm RFP-Ready (Part 3)”

Is Your Law Firm RFP-Ready? (Part 2)

More and more companies are issuing RFPs to hire outside counsel. While, RFPs are being sent to firms that clients already know and trust, clients are also seeking additional firms to add to their rosters or even to replace firms with whom they are dissatisfied. Some firms are even preparing to lose work to smaller,Continue reading “Is Your Law Firm RFP-Ready? (Part 2)”

Is Your Law Firm RFP-Ready? (Part 1)

With the great recession of 2008, RFPs to hire outside counsel emerged as an important tool. The need for cost-savings has not diminished. The current economic headwinds paired with the carry-on impacts of COVID-19 have made RFPs to hire outside counsel an even more critical piece of the budgeting process. BTI Consulting recently reported thatContinue reading “Is Your Law Firm RFP-Ready? (Part 1)”